FICCI Central Executive constituted Pradeep Tandon to continue for CG chapter

Continuous third term as President

Raipur, (the states. news) Federation of Indian Chambers Of Commerce & Industries (FICCI) has constituted its Central Executive Committee and Mr. Pradeep Tandon is again declared President of its Chhattisgarh Chapter. This is the third continuous term as President of Mr. Tandon, who has represented well the sentiments of Industry to the government and other apex bodies to take the State of Chhattisgarh on the path of development.

Chhattisgarh is one of the leading Industrial States in India therefore the role of FICCI has been important in establishing coordination between industries and the government. Mr. Tandon has super insight for business and industry and he played a significant role in taking the institution forward in his last two terms.

Recently, the annual general meeting , AGM was convened in the Delhi office after New Chairman Mr. Uday Shankar assumed the office and a decision was taken to give another one year term to Mr. Pradeep Tandon as the president of Chhattisgarh Chapter.