Flag Foundation of India Dedicates Monumental Flag at AFMC, Pune

108 ft Tall Tricolor unfurled by Mr Naveen Jindal, President, FFOI

Raipur (thestates.news)| The Flag Foundation of India (FFOI) continues its mission to promote the
display of the Indian National Flag with pride and honour, and to raise awareness about its
significance. On the Platinum Jubilee Celebration of the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC),
Pune, FFOI dedicated another Monumental Flag, which was dedicated to the nation by Mr
Naveen Jindal.

Established on May 1, 1948, AFMC is a renowned medical institution that provides world-class
education and training to medical and nursing students. The institution is known for producing
the best doctors and nursing staff, not only in peacetime but also during times of war.
The Monumental Flag dedication ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Lt
Gen. Daljeet Singh, DG-AFMS, Lt Gen. (Retired) D P Vats, Rajya Sabha MP, and Lt Gen. Narendra Kotwal, Commandant of AFMC, Pune, along with other senior distinguished officers of the Indian Army.

In his speech, Mr Jindal expressed his gratitude for being part of the platinum jubilee celebration and acknowledged the instrumental role that AFMC has played in serving the
nation. He said, “The Indian National Flag symbolizes unity and equality among all citizens of India. The FFOI is committed to promoting the significance of the tricolor and instilling respect
for it among the people of the country.” later on he added “ The FFOI is running the Pledge for Tiranga Campaign, I urge you all to visit the website of FFOI and take the pledge and spread the
word about the pledge to your close ones. The Pledge says- ‘’I take a pledge that I will dedicate myself to the nation and work for the good of my country. ”.
“When we stand below the flag, we must recognize our responsibilities as citizens to make this nation great. Tiranga also reminds us that nothing is more paramount than the country and the
flag”, Mr. Naveen Jindal further added.
Speaking on the occasion, Rajya Sabha MP and former AFMC Director, Lt Gen. (Retd) Dr. DP
Vats said, “I appreciate the outstanding work being carried out by FFOI under the guidance of
Mr Naveen Jindal to install Monumental Flags across the country. I would like to see the
chapters about the journey of Tiranga in school textbooks so that the next generations must
know the significance of the Indian National Flag”.

About Flag Foundation:
The Flag Foundation of India was set up as a registered society under the society’s registration
act of 1980, a non-profit body after Mr. Naveen Jindal won a decade-long court battle that
enabled all Indians to display our National Flag with honor and pride at their homes, offices,
and factories on all days of the year.
On 23rd January 2004, after a decade-long legal battle fought by Mr. Naveen Jindal
(Industrialist, sportsman & Member of Parliament), the Supreme Court of India ruled that the
display of the national flag by every citizen on all days of the year, a fundamental right.
Thereafter, he founded the Flag Foundation of India, a non-governmental institution.
The Tricolor is a common factor of inspiration for every Indian; it is indeed a true expression of
pride for our motherland. To take this victory beyond pure symbolism and translate it into
action, the Flag Foundation of India is undertaking various projects motivating the people of
our country to draw inspiration from the National Flag and work for the betterment of the