Forest Department’s proceedings: Two saw machines sealed

Raipur (|The Forest Department is continuously conducting campaigns in the state for the prevention of wildlife crimes. In this regard, a proceeding under the Durg Forest Board against the operators of illegally-operating saw machines in Jamul and Khursipar in Bhilai, after sealing the saw machines, is in progress. These include R.S. Timber, Luvkush Nagar-Jamul and Siyaram Furniture Mart Bapu Nagar Khursipar-Bhilai.

Under the said campaign, a team formed under the guidance of Forest Officer Durg Mr. Shashikumar, found the two sawmills illegally operating without a license during the inspection. Thereafter, a case of wildlife crime was filed promtly against the two operators as a part of the proceedings and the two illegal saw-machines were sealed. Additionally, the team confiscated 2 band-saws, 2 HP electric motor, and 3 HP electric motor from the place where the two machines were operating.