From the ramparts of the Red Fort, the Prime Minister gave the resolution of Panch Prana

New Delhi, ( New Delhi, August 15th (HS): While addressing the nation on the 76th Independence Day on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned Panch Prana in front of the country. Prime Minister Modi said that we have to set big goals in the nectar of independence. We should take great resolutions like a developed India, to save even a single piece of slavery, to take pride in heritage, unity, and solidarity, and the duties of citizens, these Panch Prana.He said that today the world is facing the problem of the environment. We have a way to solve the problem of global warming. For this, we have the heritage that our ancestors have given us.

He stated that we are the people who see Shiva in living things, Narayan in men, Narayani in women, and God in plants. We are the people who consider the river as their mother. We are the people who see Shankar in the pebbles. For a self-reliant India, it becomes the responsibility of every citizen, of every government, of every unit of society. Self-reliant India: This is not a government agenda or a government program. This is a mass movement within society, which we have to carry forward..(H.S)