Hard work is the golden key that opens the door to success

Godhan NYAY Yojana : Empowering economically weak farmers, cattle herders, laborers, and women
Women earn Rs. 3 lakh by selling vermicompost and earthworms

 Raipur (| Hard work is the golden key that opens the door to success. Today, the women of self-help groups working in Gauthans have given meaning to this statement. The Godhan NYAY Yojana has become a support system for economically weak farmers, laborers, animal herders, and daily-wage working women living in remote areas. The Godhan NYAY Yojana has helped women who were formerly working as daily wage laborers become independent. They now contribute more to meeting the requirements of their family, including their own. Their self-esteem and confidence have grown. Members of the Indira Women Self-Help Group from Masul village in the Rajnandgaon district Churia development are engaged in the production of vermicompost. Additionally, they are connected to numerous livelihood-oriented activities.