India now fourth worst-hit country with 2.98 lakh cases

New Delhi, ( The total number of #COVID-19 cases in #India has increased to 2,97,535 with the highest number of 10956 new cases reported during the last 24 hours, making it fourth in the list of most affected countries.
India surpassed the #UK in the #Coronavirus tally with around 2.98 lakh cases.
While there are around 2,97,535 people infected in India, the number of infected in the UK is 2,92,860, but the number of deaths in UK is almost five times that of India.
So far in India, 8,498 people have succumbed to the contagion, while in the UK, the tolls is 41,364.
With the biggest jump of 10,956 fresh cases in India during the last 24 hours, the total number
of infected persons increased to 2,97,535, according to #Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare data released on Friday.
During this period, 396 people have lost their lives due to corona infection, taking the death toll to 8498.
The country at present has 1,41,842 active cases, while 1,47,194 people have recovered.(uni)(