JSPL celebrated Environment Day

Raipur (thestates.news)|Every year, Environment Day is celebrated with great pomp and show to remind us that we are connected to nature and not nature to us and if we do not take initiative to save nature in time, then our future generations may have to suffer the consequences.

Jindal Steel and Power Limited gave the message of saving the environment and nature by planting 250 mango and guava saplings in Shakti Vihar Phase 2 of Machinery Division Mandir Hasaud.

Here, small children along with senior officials and employees of the plant also planted saplings and were also informed about the things with which the environment can be protected. After planting the saplings, it was told how we can reduce plastic from everyday things. Information was also given about how we can use clay, steel or dona pattal instead of plastic and an appeal was made to use plastic as little as possible. Information was also given about how the environment is being harmed by E-waste these days and its solution was also told.