Kalinga University Organized two day’s Hands-on Training Program on Microbial & Biochemical Techniques

Raipur (thestates.news) | A Hands-on Training Program on Microbial & Biochemical Techniques was jointly organized by the Department of Botany and Zoology of Kalinga University on 18 th -19 th April, 2022. The
program started with the highly motivating speech of Hon. Vice-Chancellor of Kalinga University, Dr. R. Shridhar.

Dr. R. Shridhar said that due to the increasing medical challenges and emergence of new diseases, it has become necessary to work on anti-microbial technology at present. In the same way, more research is needed on diseases like cancer so that it can be treated at any stage. After inauguration, technical session started in the Central Instrumentation Facility of Kalinga University by Dr. Yogesh Patel of Department of Microbiology, Sardar Krushinagar
Agriculture University, Dantiwada, Gujarat. While discussing, Dr. Patel told in the lecture that due to improper dosage of antibiotics, microbes are gaining resistance for particular medicines; thus, it is possible that in future these antibiotics may not be effective. He explained in detail the significance of a multi-molecule containing drug instead of a single molecule. He told that in the present day, scientists are looking at using the extraction obtained from the plants as an antibiotic. After the lecture, training was given on antibacterial and antimicrobial activity.

Additionally, the test of oligodynamic activity of heavy metals was also performed by the students. In the second session, the microbes showing Amylase, Gelatinase, Caseinase activity were examined.  On the second day of training program, Dr. Gaurav S. Dave, Assistant Research Scientist of Sardar Krushinagar Agriculture University, Dantiwada, Gujarat, told the students about Antibody Reactivity and also gave its experimental demonstration and training. After that the training of SDS PAGE electrophoresis was also given to the students. In the last technical
session, Dr. Gaurav demonstrated the antimitotic and anti- cancerous activity with the help of sprouts, onion and told how advance research can be conducted with limited resources.

At the end, the convener of the program, Abhishek Kumar Pandey expressed gratitude to the resource persons. The program was co-ordinated by Dr Manoj Singh (Organizing Secretary). Under the direction of Nirali Budhbhatti and Dr. Ramswarup Saini the students completed the experiments with full satisfaction. In the end of program Mr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey expressed special thanks to the Principal of Pharmacy College, Dr Sandeep
Tiwari and Sudeep Mandal for their immense contribution in making the program a success.