Kangana Ranaut performs ‘yagna’, arrives in Ayodhya for consecration ceremony

Ayodhya, (Thestates.news)| Actress Kangana Ranaut on Monday took to social media to share images of her participation in a sacred havan in Ayodhya, where she is one of the invitees in the grand consecration ceremony of the Ram temple. She also posted images of her meeting with a spiritual guru Swami Rambhadracharya who had organised the havan – a Hindu ritual where offerings are made to a consecrated fire.

Kangana shared a series of images on her Instagram, documenting her visit to the holy city.
She wrote, “Come, my Lord. Today, I had the privilege of meeting the venerable Shri Rambhadracharya Ji and received his blessings. I participated in the scholarly collective Hanuman Ji Yajna organised by him.

“In the divine city of Ayodhya, everything is imbued with the spirit of Shri Ram’s welcome. …. the kings of Ayodhya are returning home after a long exile in the forest. Come, my Lord, come, my Lord,” she wrote in Hindi.
Kangana was dressed in a traditional saree for the event. In her post, she expressed her enthusiasm and faithfulness towards the ceremony.
She also participated in the cleanliness drive at Hanuman Garhi Temple in Ayodhya.(uni)