Kangana will fill gap in history by making film on emergency

Palampur,(thestates.news) : Former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar has written a letter to Himachal Pradesh’s daughter Kangana Ranaut, congratulating her on making a film on the emergency. He said that the Emergency is a disgraced and dark chapter in the glorious and bright history of independent India, which should always be remembered. Kangana t is doing the work of filling history’s largest gap after 47 years. He stated that the production of the emergency film will be a watershed moment in Kangana Ranaut’s successful and successful life.Shanta Kumar said that in 1975 there was neither any foreign invasion nor any earthquake; only and only Indira Gandhi imposed an emergency to save the chair and made the whole country a jail house. From the great patriot, Jayaprakash Narayan, to Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Morarji Desai, thousands of leaders of the country were imprisoned. Not only this, Jayaprakash Narayan, who broke the British prison in the freedom struggle, was called the enemy of the country.

The senior BJP leader said that he too was in jail for a full 19 months and had the privilege of joining this second freedom struggle. 47 long years have passed since this shameful incident. Nobody thought of making a film. This is the most important work in Indian history and it is being done by the daughter of Himachal Pradesh, Kangana. Thinking of this, the heads of every Himachal resident are high.(HS)