Kedar Shinde’s cinematic marvel, Baipan Bhaari Deva, now streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar

Mumbai  (Thestates.news)| Baipan Bhaari Deva is a family drama that combines laughter, tears, and family drama.The story revolves around six estranged sisters who are forced to reunite for a Mangalagaur festival competition.
The film, directed by Kedar Shinde, is now available on Disney+ Hotstar and has garnered immense love from audiences worldwide.The cast includes Rohini Hattangadi, Vandana Gupte, Sukanya Kulkarni, Nutan Aasgaonkar, Suruchi Adarkar, and Suchitra Bandekar.

The director of the film, Kedar Shinde, said, “Directing Baipan Bhaari Deva was truly a remarkable experience that holds a special place in my heart. With the film now on Disney+ Hotstar, I can’t wait to see the magic of Baipan Bhaari Deva reach a wider audience and transcend linguistic boundaries.
Drawing emotions from the real women in my life made this film more relatable to families with this feel-good drama. The film stands as an ode to sisterhood and has received immense love from audiences. Tailored for today’s progressive audience, the film reflects the evolving needs of our times. ”

Actress Suchitra Bandekar, who plays the role of Pallavi, said, “Taking on the role of Pallavi was a novel journey for me. She’s not just fun; she’s flamboyant, cool, and easily everyone’s favorite. Playing Pallavi taught me valuable lessons. Navigating through challenges with a cool demeanour is truly commendable, and I’ve gained a new appreciation for that. I believe audiences on Disney+ Hotstar will experience a refreshing wave of energy through Pallavi’s character, and I’m so glad the movie will reach a much wider audience now.”
Actress Vandana Gupte, who plays the role of Shashi, said, “Baipan Bhaari Deva is like a genuine slice of life on screen. It’s real and relatable. When you catch it on Disney+ Hotstar, you’ll connect with it on a deeper level. Shashi is a soul you’ll resonate with, understanding her actions and finding bits of yourself in her. It’s more than just a movie; it’s a reflection of life.”
Watch Baipan Bhaari Deva and catch all the drama streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.  (UNI)