Maharashtra Governor inaugurates Pickleball Demonstration Game

Mumbai (Thestates.news)| Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais inaugurated the Pickle Ball demonstration game at Raj Bhavan Mumbai on Sun (11 Jun). Speaking on the occasion, the Governor said he will speak to the Sports Minister of Maharashtra for promoting the pickleball game in schools. The Governor said in his capacity as Chancellor of universities, he will ask vice chancellors to promote the game in universities. The Governor expressed the hope that the game will find a place in the Olympics and Asian Games and that India will win medals in the game.

The demonstration game was played by the national and international pickleball players.  According to the President of the All India Pickleball Association, Arvind Ramesh Prabhoo, Pickleball is a paddle -n-ball sport and is among the fastest growing fitness sports in the world.The sport, a combination of Badminton, Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis, is easy to learn and set up and is inexpensive. The All India Pickleball Association has been promoting the sport in India for the last 14 years.

All India PickleBall Association Founder Director Sunil Valavalkar, General Secretary Chetan Sanil, Treasurer Nikhil Mathure, Maharashtra PickleBall Association President Yashodhan Deshmukh and Mumbai PickleBall Association President Abhishek Sapre were present.