Manish Sisodia cries foul, turns focus on Gujarat polls

New Delhi, ( : Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has left from his home for the CBI Headquarters. Earlier, apart from AAP MLA Durgesh, Kuldeep and MP Sanjay Singh, many leaders came to meet him at his official residence. Sisodia has been summoned by the CBI for questioning in the liquor scam. He tweeted, A completely false case has been made against me. Diverting attention to Gujarat elections, he added, When I went to Gujarat, I told the people of Gujarat that we will build  wonderful schools like Delhi for your children in Gujarat too. People were very happy. But these people do not want good schools to be built in Gujarat.

After that, in his third tweet, Sisodia said, But my going to jail will not stop the Gujarat election campaign. Today every Gujarati has stood up. Each child of Gujarat is now campaigning for good schools, hospitals, jobs, and electricity. The coming elections in Gujarat will be a movement.(HS)