National Ramayana Festival : March Past Begins

  • National Ramayana Festival
  • March Past Begins
  • The Indonesian contingent is marching.

Raipur ( |  Madhav Kandali is the author of the Assamese Ramayana. Just as Kritivas composed the wonderful Ramayana in Bengali, similarly the Assamese Ramayana is deeply rooted in the folk tradition in Assam. The 21-member team from Assam has arrived in Chhattisgarh.

Ramnami community marched past in front of the main stage, dressed in traditional attire .

The team of artists that has come from Goa to Chhattisgarh also took part in the march past.

A 25-member contingent from Jharkhand performed a march past with their traditional instruments, costumes and a special masks.

A 12-member troupe of artists has come from Kerala to take part in the National Ramayana Festival.

A team from the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh also participated in the march past. There are 25 members in this team.

The troupe of artists from Karnataka and the 18-member artist troupe from Maharashtra gave a wonderful performance in the march past round. ‘Bajrangbali’ is walking ahead of them.

Ravana is seen leading the Uttarakhand team. This wonderful tradition where even Lord Ram sends Lakshman to seek knowledge from Ravana at the time of his death.

Chhattisgarh’s team of artists also gave a beautiful performance.

270 participants from 12 states are taking part in this event. 70 artists of the state and 27 artists from abroad are participating.