NCP-AP throws full weight behind NDA alliance for LS polls

New Delhi (| In a move signalling unity and determination within the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP-AP) has pledged unwavering support to NDA candidates in ongoing Lok Sabha elections.
The decision was communicated by NCP national president, Ajit Pawar, and the national working president, Praful Patel, underscoring the party’s commitment to bolstering alliance and ensuring re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Emphasising importance of proactive collaboration, the NCP leadership highlighted the need for unity among NDA constituents to navigate intricacies of the political landscape and secure victories in electoral battlegrounds across the nation.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz senior Vice Chairman NCP Minorities Department said, “I am honored to announce my nomination as a campaigner by the NCP’s high-power committee, under the guidance of NCP President Ajit Pawar and Working President Shri Praful Patel. Our goal is to tirelessly work towards ensuring the victory of BJP candidates in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. We are committed to achieving a historic milestone of securing over 400 seats and re-electing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the third term.”

Acknowledging significance of collective efforts, NCP reaffirmed its dedication to championing interests of various segments of society, including farmers, women, youth, other backward classes, minorities, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

In a directive to party officials and workers, NCP urged them to extend full support to NDA candidates during the election campaign, emphasising importance of cooperation and solidarity in achieving shared objectives.
Furthermore, the NCP leadership called for close collaboration with NDA allies at the state and district levels, stressing the need to organise meetings with NDA candidates to ensure they receive maximum support from the party’s grassroots networks.

This decision of NCP to throw its weight behind the NDA alliance reflects a strategic alignment aimed at consolidating political gains and advancing the nation’s progress under the leadership of PM Modi. As preparations for this Lok Sabha elections gather momentum, NCP’s commitment to the success of NDA candidates underscores the strength and resilience of alliance in the face of electoral challenges.(UNI)