Nitish Kumar will not make another “U” turn : Lalu Prasad

Patna, (|RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad on Thursday asserted that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar would not make another “U” turn, dismissing all speculations about fate of Grand Alliance government headed by him. Prasad told media persons that all speculations over fate of Grand Alliance government were baseless as Chief Minister Kumar was not going anywhere.Where he would go, he remarked.

Recent meeting of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh Singh with Chief Minister Kumar at his official residence in Patna, had triggered speculations that latter could again return to NDA. Singh is a JD(U) member of Rajya Sabha and it is being assumed in political circle that he could have met Kumar as emissary of BJP to persuade him to change the fold. RJD chief said that proposed meeting of
opposition parties in Bangalore on July 17 and July 18 would be a concluding one. Last such meeting in Patna was a grand success and strategies would be finalised to ensure how to counter BJP in next Lok Sabha elections, he added.

Prasad set aside speculations about possible split in JD(U) and RJD. In reality, BJP was going to be finished in next Lok Sabha elections as opposition parties had got united, he pointed out. RJD chief reacting to hijack of NCP MLAs by BJP in Maharashtra, said that party supremo Sharad Pawar had emerged stronger after the incident. Pawar was a strong leader, he stated.

Prasad tried to make light of ongoing tussle between Education Minister Chandrashekhar and Principal Secretary of the department K K Pathak, saying there was not any issue. He had sent Chandrashekhar to meet Kumar after he telephoned him to look into the matter, he informed. (UNI)