Detailed Guidelines issued for activities in the market during lockdown and for arrangements in the quarantine centers

All the government offices in the districts to be opened except the containment zone

Maximum 50 people to be allowed to attend wedding ceremony and maximum 20 people can attend funeral, upon prior permission: SDM and Tehsildar authorized to give permission

Shops and commercial organizations to open six days a week from 7am to 7pm

Local administration bodies to decide time and place for street vendors

Inter-state bus services to remain suspended

Health Department to decide for red and orange zones

In-charge officers to be appointed for each quarantine center and Zonal officers to be appointed for monitoring of cluster of quarantine centers

Raipur, (   As per the decisions taken in the high-level meeting chaired by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel recently, State Government has issued detailed guidelines for commercial activities, arrangements in quarantine centers, identification of red and orange zones. As per the guidelines issued, the total lockdown on Saturday and Sunday till the end of May month has been cancelled. There would be no total lockdown on the upcoming weekend. All the shops, which have not been restricted by Government of India’s Home Ministry or State Government, will open six days a week from 7am to 7pm. 

Shops and commercial establishments will open normally but compliance to the precautionary measures, prescribed time-limit and weekly off would be compulsory. For the crowded market places, necessary arrangements can be made at locally. For street vendors, local administration bodies will decide the time and place, and also ensure physical distancing. Local traders union and business associations will also be discussed before making these arrangements.

  Commercial auto-rickshaws and taxis will become operational from May 28, as per the guidelines issued by Transport Department. Inter-state commercial bus and taxi services have been suspended until further notice. Inter-state transport can be done with E-Pass. E-pass app has been updated to issue automated E-pass for various categories. Passengers will be given permission to reach their destination via train, taxi, auto and bus through identified routes. These vehicles should not have more passengers than the capacity and passengers should compulsorily wear masks and maintain physical distancing. 

Red and Orange Zones will be identified by Health Department, but containment zone limits will be identified by District Collectors. It was also decided in the meeting that proper security measures will be taken for quarantine centers. People staying in quarantine centers should not be allowed to sleep in verandahs. Unsafe quarantine centers will be shifted to safe buildings and places. Coolers and additional fans will also be arranged in the rooms of quarantine centers. Yoga training, outdoor activities and sports activities while maintaining physical distancing should be organized. Help of Collectors, NGOs and volunteers can be taken for the same.

Daily activities should be planned for people in quarantine centers. Zonal officer has been appointed for monitoring of quarantine centers. Each quarantine center will have an In-charge officer to monitor the availability of basic facilities including health check-up and corona diagnosis test. In-charge officers will be responsible for ensuring compliance to the given instructions. Help of local gram panchayat secretary and local people can be taken from the same. 

People, who have completed 14-day stay at quarantine center and are not showing any symptom of infection should be allowed to go home. In case symptoms are found in any person, their test should be done as per prescribed SOP. Local Sarpanch and Gram Panchayat Secretary will ensure that people returning to home from quarantine center stay in home isolation for 7-10 days. Collectors should also arrange for services of psychologists and counselors for people staying in quarantine centers. Television and radios should be provided in quarantine centers for entertainment of people living there. 

Skill mapping of labourers in quarantine camp should be done to provide employment. Information about skills of many labourers have been provided during registration. Secretary of Labour, Skill Development Department and NRLM will take necessary action in the context. Labour Department is doing registration of the labourers, who could not get registered before. MNREGA card, ration card and shramik card will be issued to labourers.

Children of labourers will be registered for school education. Construction of concrete platforms in paddy procurement centers has been approved in district panchayats under MNREGA and several other construction works have been started under MNREGA as per given parameters to provide employment to maximum number of labourers. 

Passengers coming for industrial and business related activities, if they inform via application that they are coming for factory maintenance related works, providing proper information about their destinations, can be given relaxation from mandatory quarantine period. Passengers coming for short duration with confirmed return ticket can also be exempted from quarantine mandate. It has also been proposed that schools should be opened from July 1.

And before opening schools for students, building should be properly sanitized after removal of quarantine facility. SDM and Tehsildars have been authorized to provide permission for marriage and funeral. Maximum 50 people can attend wedding ceremony and maximum 20 people can attend the funeral. Labourers going from one district to another within the state will not be kept in quarantine. Labourers who have gone to other states from Chhattisgarh recently will not be given exemption. Except the containment zone, all the government offices in districts will operate. ( (    |