No ‘vacation,’ it’s vaccination

New Delhi, (the states. news) January 30.1.20- January 16.1.21- India has crossed many a hurdles- showing the world that it had braved, fought and brought the country under ” Covid control” with Saturday’s flagging off of the pan-India vaccination drive by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ( #Corona_virus

According to thinkers here on Saturday, with the long-awaited vaccination for the pandemic kicked off, the country has entered a decisive phase in its battle against Covid-19 that demands according top most priority to the “great cause.”

“Its time for the Centre and states to put political differences aside and come together in a common cause, with only the good of citizens in mind,” they observed in unison.

“No ‘ vacation’ should be allowed in any form in all fronts now as the time is for vaccination, ” the pandits remarked.

Informatively, the vaccination drive has been initiated ahead of five Assembly elections in April-May that would decide fate of both BJP and non-BJP ruled states.

The experts also expressed concern that even as the pandemic appears to be receding in the country, it is still raging in Kerala and Maharashtra.

Incidentally, more than half of all fresh Covid-19 cases recorded in the country so far in January, have come from Kerala and Maharashtra.

India reported its first Covid-19 case on January 30,2020, when an Indian student in Wuhan tested positive upon her return to Kerala. (uni) (media saheb.com)