North Bastar Kanker : Gauthan Becomes Hub of Economic Growth: Gau Mata Self-Help Group cultivates success with vegetable farming

Raipur ( |   Under the National Rural Livelihood Mission ‘Bihan’, livelihood activities have been initiated in Gauthan of Sarona village located under the Narharpur Development Block. The village is situated approximately 26 kilometers away from the block headquarters. Gau Mata women self-help group is actively involved in commercial vegetable cultivation in Gauthan. The group members cultivate various vegetables, including brinjal and cabbage, and sell them in local markets and neighboring villages. The vegetable production is carried out by a dedicated team of 10 members, who collectively manage the entire process from cultivation to sales. Thanks to their local connections, the group members find it convenient to negotiate with buyers and sellers.

The women self-help group in collaboration with the Sarona Gram Panchayat, is actively engaged in various economic activities and implementing proper livestock arrangements under the ‘Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa Badi Yojana’ at the gram panchayat level. A considerable number of vermicompost tanks have been constructed in Sarona Gauthan, where vermicompost is being produced from cow dung, and various income generating activities including vegetable cultivation and goat rearing are being carried out.

Preparations are underway to grow a diverse range of vegetables, including chilli, okra, cluster bean, tomato, bottle gourd, cucumber, bitter gourd, pumpkin, tomato, cucumber along with various types of green vegetables. The members of the group have been provided with information about the Bihan Yojana and other livelihood development schemes. With the support of the gram panchayat, vegetable production in the Gauthan is generating additional income for them. The group members have revealed that they are earning incomes ranging from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh through the cultivation of vegetables as cash crops.