Paratrooper martyred due to parachute malfunction in exercise on China border

New Delhi, (| A second paratrooper died after a parachute malfunctioned during the aerial exercise of the Indian Army along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. This is the second accident due to non-opening of parachute during this exercise. These days the air exercise of the Indian Army is going on at the China border in Eastern Ladakh. On Saturday, around one o’clock, commando Surajpal Pachauri, a resident of Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, jumped from the plane but his parachute could not open and crashed to the groud. Around 5:30 pm, police and administrative officers reached the martyr’s house. Sooraj is survived by three young children, wife and mother. The jawan’s body is likely to come by late Sunday night.

On August 29, Para Commando Harveer Singh of Hathras was martyred in a similar accident, when his parachute did not open after jumping from the helicopter. Commando Harveer Singh was involved in the surgical strike against Pakistan in 2019. He was cremated at his native village Baramai on August 31. Harveer was posted in Agra. He was awarded the Sena Medal on the Independence Day.(HS):