PM Modi cautions against propaganda, disinformation on COVID vaccine

New Delhi, (the states. news) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday cautioned against rumours and motivated propaganda against the COVID vaccine ( #Corona_virus and assured people that the vaccines had been approved by experts only after they were fully satisfied with their efficiency.

Launching virtually the nationwide vaccination drive, world’s biggest inocculation exercise, he said India can be proud of its track record in producing vaccines that are used world over.

“Citizens should stay clear of any negative propaganda, rumours and disinformation. Our vaccine researchers and our medical system have immense credibility the world over since long and this is something that we have earned through our track record,’ he said.

He said sixty percent of all life saving vaccines which children receive the world over, ‘are made in India and the Made-in-India coronavirus vaccines would further strengthen the world’s belief in India’s capabilities.”

The PM said the specially created CoWin digital platform has all facilities regarding registration and tracking of patients and after receiving the first shot, time for the second dose would also be provided on phone.”

He made it clear that the vaccines would be administered free of cost on a priority basis to those who are most vulnerable to getting infected.

“India’s vaccination programme is based on humanitarian ideals. Those who have the maximum risk of infection would receive the vaccine first, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers of the hospitals, medical and paramedical staff, they are first entitled to the Corona vaccine.’

Whether they are working in a government hospital or private facilities, they would be receiving this vaccine on a priority basis. After this those people who are involved in essential services or are defending the country and law and order like our security forces, police forces, part of fire brigades, sanitation workers– all these people would be administered the vaccine on a priority basis.

These people number around 3 crore. All the expenses regarding their vaccination would be borne by the government.

Cautioning people against making mistakes like foregoing the second dose of the vaccine he said “only after two weeks of receiving the second dose of the vaccine does the body develop immunity against the virus. So don’t make the mistake of removing the mask or discontinuing physical distancing after getting the vaccine shot. I request you not to make such mistakes. I request you to show the same level of patience during the vaccination programme that you have soon till now.”

Explaning the scale of the vaccination programme he said only three countries have more than 30 crore population and India, during the the second phase of the vaccination programme, would aim at vaccinating 30 crore people. (uni) (media