Police should interact with the general public in a courteous manner: Governor

Courtesy Meeting of probationary police officers

Raipur (| A team of Seven probationary officers of the Indian Police Service led by Ratanlal Dangi, Director, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose State Police Academy, Chandkhuri, Raipur met and greeted Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan at Raj Bhavan today. Governor Shri Harichandan wished the Probationary Officers a prosperous future and stated that Lord Jagannath will bless them. He advised the policemen to do their jobs well in order to serve the country and society. He stated that police officers should be nice to the common public. Police should interact with people coming from poor areas, general public, students, and soon on a regular basis to understand their problems.

Governor Mr. Harichandan stated that as a police officer, your behavior should be such that people may come to you without fear for the goal of achieving justice and judgment should be made to remove any of their difficulties. People’s trust in the police system will be strengthened if they act aggressively against the criminal while being sensitive to the innocent.
Superintendent of Police, State Police Academy Jayant Vaishnav was also present on the occasion.