Raipur (thestates.news) |  OTIS is a world-class elevator company which has more than 2 million customers and 69000 employees worldwide. Its headquarters is located in the United States of America. OTIS has a primary objective of developing a new generation of youth with the mindset of conserving nature and the environment and helping them to become responsible enough for taking
action for the same. To fulfil this objective, every year OTIS conducts competitions among
school students for finding solutions to world mobility challenges using the concept of STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). This competition is called Made To Move
Communities (MTMC).

2023 was the third year of this competition which had the theme of Mobility and Climate
Change. This world-level competition lasted for three months and students and mentors
from many countries participated in it. Bharat Mata English Medium Higher Secondary School Bilaspur Chhattisgarh represented Team India in this competition. Team India developed Kisan Yantra a STEM-based solution to solve the mobility challenges of farmers working in the field due to climate change. They gave it the tagline: Apna Vikas Apne Haath which means our development lies on our own hands. This solution has the potential of reducing a significant amount of carbon footprint along with ensuring soil conservation and water conservation with ease.

This solution can easily work with artificial intelligence and is network independent hence
can also be operated in zero to low network regions. The members of Team India developed
this solution with continuous hard work and dedicated efforts over three months.
In this competition, from all across India, Bharat Mata school secured first position and they
became successful in making a spot in the top six schools from the entire world which were
awarded the winning prize. Among them, Bharat Mata School secured the fourth position
and was awarded prize money of 5000 US Dollars for an excellent presentation. The jury
members of the competition admired the effort of students and claimed their solution to be
of great potential in solving the problems the world is facing today and the ones it will face
tomorrow. They also appreciated the team’s effort in filing the patent application for the
solution and making it market ready.
Himangi Halder, Soubhik Karmakar, Ayan Karmakar, Arpita Galpande, Faiza Bi Ansari, Poonam
Singh, Christy George Anthony, and Uttam Kumar Tamboli (all from 11th Standard) were the
members of the team India who under the guidance of Father Saleen P, Principal, Mr Panu
Halder, Mentor and the support of Mrs Silviya Grewal, Mrs Rajan Thomas, Miss Neeta Gupta
and Jessi JayPrakash, teachers, Bharat Mata School gave their best performance and brought
glory not only to their school but also to their district, state and entire nation.