Rahul Gandhi’s mental balance has deteriorated: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Kalaburagi, (| In response to Rahul Gandhi’s veiled jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday said it shows the deterioration of the Congress leader’s mental balance. “Rahul Gandhi’s mental balance has deteriorated. Nowadays he is making such speeches that people in Banaras are dancing on the road after drinking alcohol. What is this? Whom is he insulting? Does this give glory to such a big leader? He is insulting the common citizens,” he told reporters here.

The former Congress President on Tuesday courted controversy as he claimed that the future of Uttar Pradesh is dancing with people drinking alcohol at night. “I went to Varanasi and I saw that instruments are being played at night. I saw people lying on the road after drinking alcohol. The future of Uttar Pradesh is dancing after drinking alcohol at night,” he said. Chouhan said the people have taken a position to meet Mahatma Gandhi’s dream to dissolve the Congress party, and Rahul Gandhi will do it under the leadership of AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge.

“The public has taken the position to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of dissolving the Congress. Rahul Baba will do the work of destroying the Congress in this election under the leadership of Kharge ji. The condition of the Congress has become such that today its leaders are leaving the party,” the former MP CM said.

Targeting Kharge for his comments against the Centre ‘using’ its agencies against opposition leaders, Shivraj said, “Gone are the days of Congress, do as much scam as you want, nothing will happen. But this is Modi ji’s guarantee that he will not spare any dishonest person. This shows Kharge’s desperation.”

“Kharge should tell why the per capita income of Kalaburgi is so low as he has been here for more than 50 years. They (Congress) did nothing but destroy,” he added. Chouhan said Congress is nearing its end as BJP is going to win all the 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka. “Congress is now nearing its end. 28 out of 28 Lok Sabha seats, jot it down, BJP will win. Across the country, it will win 370 seats and NDA will cross 400 seat mark in the coming election,” he said. (uni)