Raipur : Ensuring Women’s Workplace Safety: ICC meeting held at Directorate of Public Relations

Meeting addressed the issue of sexual harassment of women at workplace

Raipur ( |The meeting of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) was held at the Directorate of Public Relations located in Indravati Bhavan, Nava Raipur on Thursday, to address issues related to sexual harassment of women in the workplace. Committee Chairman Joint Director Smt. Harsha Pauranik provided information about the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 stating that any office with a minimum of 10 employees can form an Internal Complaints Committee. It is not necessary to have 10 women in the office to establish the committee; female employees assigned to work on a daily wage basis can also file complaints about sexual harassment with the committee.

Smt. Pauranik explained that sexual harassment includes showing obscene visuals, sexually suggestive remarks about women, and any unwelcome, sexually determined physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct. She stressed the need for awareness among women, mentioning that changing times have reduced hesitation and fear among women, empowering them to voice their concerns. Additionally, she informed that as per the provisions of the relevant Act, it is mandatory for all offices to display a board outside, providing information about the Internal Complaints Committee, the Act and the rights it grants to all women.

ICC member and senior female journalist Sushri Shagufta Shirin emphasized the need for raising awareness among women about the provisions of the Sexual Harassment Act. She highlighted that complaints made to the committee are kept confidential and encouraged women to speak up without shame or fear. Furthermore, she advised women to avoid misusing the law and understand that the Act has been enacted for their protection.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Director Smt. Neelima Agrawal, Assistant Director Smt. Taukeer Jahid, Assistant Public Relations Officer Sushri Reenu Thakur, Data Entry Operator Smt. Pratibha Pandey, and other female employees of the directorate.