Rural Industrial Parks are bestowing a new identity to rural skills

RIPA is transforming the state of development in rural regions, people are securing better employment opportunities
Self-help group received the order of manufacture of fly ash bricks worth more than Rs. 2 lakh

Raipur ( |  The Chhattisgarh Government’s ambitious Rural Industrial Park scheme has built a strong infrastructure in rural areas for promoting small-scale industries. This has transformed the state of development in rural areas. RIPA has emerged as a prominent center of business and industrial development for the villagers. Young rural entrepreneurs are reaping its benefits, resulting in economic and rural development.
Villagers have received better opportunities for livelihood from the RIPA established in Chirra village in the Korba development block. Processing units for wheat, gram, turmeric, spices, and manufacturing units for pickles, Dona Pattal, sandal, cow dung paint, paver block, and fly ash bricks have been established. Women and small entrepreneurs are rediscovering their skills by working in RIPA.