SC notice to Govt on medical students in Ukraine seeking admission in India

New Delhi, ( : The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Central Government while hearing the demand for admission of medical students returned from Ukraine into medical colleges in India. The Supreme Court said that it is for the government to decide whether colleges in India have such space and whether they can be admitted to India under the rules. The next hearing on the matter will be on September 15. The petition has been filed by Parthavi Ahuja and Prati Singh. It has been said in the petition that there is no possibility of normalcy in Ukraine yet. The future of thousands of students is hanging in balance. It has been said in the petition that the students who have returned from Ukraine should be given a place in government and private colleges by giving relaxation in the admission rules.

It has been said in the petition that to complete the studies of the students who returned from Ukraine, in coordination with the colleges and universities there, guidelines should be issued to them to complete their studies in India.(HS)