Sensex spurts by 812.67 points during the week

Mumbai, (the states. news) Sensex zoomed up by 812.67 points or 1.60 pc to settle at 51,544.33 in week under review on positive global cues.

Investor optimism was stoked by prospects of a speedier economic recovery from the global health crisis, driven by increased stimulus and an accelerated vaccine rollout.

Nifty too gained 239.05 points or 1.6 pc to settle at 15,163.30.

The BSE Mid-Cap index jumped 497.86 or 2.56 pc to settle at 19,911.03. The BSE Small-Cap index rallied 525.99 points or 2.75 pc to settle at 19,622.05.

On Monday, the Sensex, spurted 617.14 points to settle at 51,348.77. Nifty climbed 191.55 points o to settle at 15,115.80.
On Tuesday, the Sensex, fell 19.69 points to settle at 51,329.08. Nifty lost 6.50 points to settle at 15,109.30.
On Wednesday, the Sensex, slipped 19.69 points to 51,309.39. Nifty lost 2.80 points to settle at 15,106.50.
On Thursday, the Sensex, rose 222.13 points to settle at 51,531.52. Nifty gained 66.80 points to settle at 15,173.30.
On Friday, the Sensex, rose 12.78 points to settle at 51,544.30. Nifty lost 10 points to settle at 15,163.30.    (uni) (media saheb.com)