Special Article: Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit: Prabhu Ram will be seen at every step from Korea to Sukma

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will inaugurate tourist facilities in Shivrinarayan

Raipur ( | Chhattisgarh holds its own identity in the whole world as the maternal grandmother of Lord Ram. Lord Rama spent a long time here during his exile. The ashrams of the sages here were exiled in the midst of nature, so Ram has settled in the folklores, folk tales and common life here.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has prepared the project of ancient South Kaushal and Ram Path Vanagman tourism circuit in present Chhattisgarh, respecting the public beliefs and the maternal grandfather of Lord Prabhu Ram. In this project, the work of decorating, beautifying and making these places of religious and historical importance related to Ram Vanagaman Marg has been taken up for tourism. It is believed that Mata Sita and Lakshmana along with Lord Shri Ram spent 10 years in Chhattisgarh in 14 years of exile. A target has been set to develop them according to religious tourism by identifying 75 such places where Lord Ram had come.

An action plan of Rs.39 crore has been prepared for the development of Shivrinarayan temple complex and surrounding areas located at Triveni Sangam of Shivnath, Jonk and Mahanadi and for the convenience of tourists. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is going to inaugurate the work worth Rs 6 crore in the first phase on the day of Ram Navami on April 10. These include upgradation and beautification of the temple complex of Shivrinarayan, lamp pillar, Ramayana Interpretation Center and Tourist Information Center, grand entrance on the temple route, development and beautification of river ghat, statue of Lord Ram-Lakshman and Shabri Mata in the ghat. Is. Similarly, Pachri Ghat includes construction of view point kiosks, landscaping works, boundary wall, modular shop, spacious parking area and public toilets.

Under the Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit, construction of a road up to a length of 2260 km is also proposed to connect religious places from Korea to Sukma. Plantation of shady and fruit-bearing plants is being done by the Forest Department on this route. Under this project, out of the 75 identified places, a project has been prepared to develop nine identified sites in the first phase. With the completion of this tourism circuit, not only tourists from different parts of the country will come to Chhattisgarh, but also tourists from different parts of Chhattisgarh will continue to visit here. Local people will get employment by promoting tourism. At the same time, new employment opportunities will also increase.

The places identified in the first phase under the Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit include Sitamarhi-Harchowka (Korea), Ramgarh (Sarguja), Shivrinarayan (Janjgir-Champa), Turturiya (Baloudabazar), Chandkhuri (Raipur), Rajim (Gariaband), Sihawa Saptarishi Ashram. (Dhamtari), Jagdalpur (Bastar) and Ramaram (Sukma) tourism development work will be done in these areas at a cost of Rs.138 crore. Beautification and other decoration works will be done in these places from the point of view of tourism.

Prabhu Ram’s entry into Chhattisgarh was from Sitamarhi-Harchowka in Koriya district. Three crore 84 lakh two thousand rupees have been approved for the development of various tourist facilities here. 66 lakh 21 thousand rupees for kiosk construction work on the ghat near Sitamarhi in Korea district, one crore 42 lakh seven thousand rupees for construction work of gazebo with the seating area near Sitamarhi and the walkway around the ghat and Ghat development work. One crore 75 lakh 74 thousand rupees have been approved for this.

Ramaram of Sukma district is the last stop of Prabhuram’s exile in Chhattisgarh. Arrangement for the stay of tourists and construction of a circuit is proposed here. Samarsata Bhawan, Rishi Ashram will be renovated for the stay of travelers in Sihawa. There will be work of drinking water facility, garden construction, pond beautification, toilet, rest house, stop dam in Nile river, underground drain construction. Cottages will be built in Turturiya, waterfront development and cottages will be developed on Mahanadi, Jatayu Dwar in Geedam in Bastar and Dantewada, tribal cottages are planned to be built in Barsur.