Telangana CM greets tribals on ‘World Adivasi’ Day eve

Hydrabad,(| Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on Tuesday extended greetings to the Tribal communities on ‘World Adivasi’ Day’ eve.
In a statement, KCR said that the State Government is committed to the welfare of tribals who relied on forests for livelihoods and lead a happy life with pure hearts. The government stood as a role model for the country by implementing a slew of tribal development schemes.
The CM explained the government has been implementing various welfare schemes meant for the tribal development successfully for the last nine years and brought a qualitative change in their lives.
The Chief Minister said the government fulfilled the aspirations of famous tribal warrior Kumaram Bheem who fought with the slogan of Jal Jangal Zamin. The government made the slogan of ‘Jal’ ( water) a reality by providing potable drinking water supply in Gond habitations
in the remote corners of the forest and also to tribal Tandas though Mission Bhagiratha. Irrigation facility from Kaleswaram, Mission Kakatiya and free electricity are also provided for agriculture needs in the tribal habitations.
He said the Telangana is the only state which is protecting the ‘Jungle’ ( forest) and set an example for the country by reviving the dwindled forest cover.(UNI)