The case of the dead body of the laborer returning from Mumbai in labor special train for four days

Raipur ( Raising a question mark over non-appointment even after the month of May has passed, despite the appointment order of 21 doctors by the Railways, State Congress Communications Department chief Shailesh Nitin Trivedi has said that in the name of fighting Corona , the central government and Messing by the railways continues. These 21 doctors were to be appointed from May 1, but despite the end of May, no action has been taken by the Railways in this direction. Congress communications chief Shailesh Nitin Trivedi has said that the Railways falsely and hollowly claimed to have deployed 2500 doctors and 352 nurses.

Advertisements for the posts of doctors were also taken out in Chhattisgarh and doctors were also interviewed and on April 20, orders were issued for the appointment of 21 doctors. These doctors were supposed to join duty from May 1 but till date the duty of these doctors has not been added, this has raised questions about the seriousness of the central government and the Railways to fight the tax. Referring to the untrue statement made by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal about Chhattisgarh in connection with trains, Congress Communications Chief Shailesh Nitin Trivedi has said that the rail was previously known to run on time and to carry passengers to their destination but Modi Being the railway minister in the government and Piyush Goyal, now the trains are not just wandering the way, the entire railway ministry has lost its direction.

Shailesh Trivedi has said that the Jhansi case of laborers returning from Mumbai in the Shramik Special train for four days is a stigma on the forehead of the railway. The National Human Rights Commission has also taken cognizance of the brutality caused by forced labor as a result of the dislocation of the railway, terming it a violation of the rights of the passengers.(  (  |