The Chief Minister appreciated the entrepreneurship spirit of women in Chandeli’s RIPA

The Chief Minister held extensive discussion with the women of the self help groups.

Raipur ( | During the Bhent Mulaqat program of Lormi Vidhan Sabha today, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel observed the RIPA of Chandeli and inspected the livelihood-oriented activities happening there. He also held extensive discussions with members of the women’s group. Sunita Dhruv, a member of Jai Budha Dev self-help group, informed the Chief Minister that she has been manufacturing cow dung-based natural paint for the last two months. They have sold 860 liters of cow dung paint, generating an income of Rs. 62,000.
Maa Ambe self-help group member Ganeshia Patel, who is running the Dona Pattal unit, informed that ten thousand bundles of Dona-Pattal have been made, and they earned 20 thousand in two months. They are also selling dona pattal in C-Mart and also sending them to the weekly market.

After this, the Chief Minister observed the shoe-slippers manufacturing unit. Pushpa Khunte of Vande Mataram self-help group informed that she has sold 309 pieces of slippers in a month, earning an income of Rs. 11,400. After this, the Chief Minister visited the Display Unit training room and commenced the Wi-Fi facility.

The members also told the Chief Minister about the fish farming being done in three ponds. Pushpa informed the Chief Minister that “we have three ponds here and we have extracted one quintal fish and earned an income of two lakh rupees from it.”
The Chief Minister held extensive discussion with the women of the group in the display room. Rukmini Navrang of Deharkapa said that “we are pursuing numerous kinds of livelihood-oriented activities here and are easily earning up to ten thousand rupees every month, and recently, fish farming has also started here which will further increase our income.”
Anupa Yadav of Adarsh Self-Help Group said that “we have started goat rearing and have earned more than Rs. 60,000 from it.” Expressing gratitude to the Chief Minister, Anupa said that “the way you are promoting Gothans, the economic condition of women is getting stronger across the rural parts of the state”. Sandhya Sahu of Mini Mata Self-Help Group informed that “10 pieces of sewing machines have been provided to us by the state government. We have sold clothes worth 20 thousand rupees in 2 months by taking multiple orders. An order for 5000 jute material products has been received through the C-Mart of Mungeli, and we are currently working on it.”
The Chief Minister praised all the members of the group for their commendable work on a large scale and for making profits in the initial period itself. He expressed his belief that this has boosted their potential for a better and prosperous future. Additionally, he encouraged them to continue to increase the number of livelihood activities and make substantial profits together.