Women are progressing on the path of self-reliance by associating with the livelihood-oriented activities of Gauthans

Women in Mahora and Rajauli Gauthans succeed through poultry farming

It is indeed a pleasant feeling to be economically empowered- women of self-help group

Raipur ( |  Rural women are making significant strides towards self-reliance by actively participating in the livelihood-oriented activities of Gauthans, as part of the state government’s ambitious Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa, and Badi Yojana. These women have not only taken up household responsibilities but have also become engaged in various income-generating activities within the Gauthans. Various activities are conducted in the Gauthans of Koriya district, where women are achieving remarkable success, leading to a sense of economic empowerment.
With the assistance of the district administration, these organized groups are engaged in poultry farming operations within the Gauthans. In Mahora Gauthan, under the Baikunthpur development block, a self-help group of women is generating substantial profits by selling eggs obtained through their poultry farming venture. Indramani Didi, a member of the group, initiated this endeavor a year ago with the goal of securing a livelihood. To date, she has sold eggs worth Rs. 2 lakh, resulting in a net profit of Rs. 40 thousand, and is continuously engaged in poultry farming.

Indramani Didi has become an inspirational figure for the women in her group, demonstrating how economic empowerment can contribute to the financial stability of their families. Similarly, in Rajauli Gauthan, within the Sonhat development block, Sangita Didi from the Jwala Women’s Self-Help Group embraced poultry farming in January of this year. Investing Rs. 10 thousand, she opted for Kadaknath Hens and has already sold over 20 thousand eggs. Sangita Didi expressed the immense satisfaction that comes from being economically empowered. She has utilized the income to support her children’s education and enhance her family’s economic situation. Through their involvement in livelihood-oriented activities, these women in the Koriya district are paving their way towards self-sufficiency, finding fulfillment in the new-found economic empowerment they have achieved.