Women of the Self-Help Group earned Rs.3.54 lakh by sales of fly ash bricks manufactured in RIPA

Raipur ( | The Chhattisgarh Government’s ambitious Rural Industrial Park scheme has built a strong infrastructure in rural areas for promoting small-scale industries. This has transformed the state of development in rural areas. RIPA has emerged as a prominent centre of business and industrial development for the villagers. The Mahatma Gandhi Rural Industrial Parks (RIPA) has provided employment opportunities to residents in the district, including local entrepreneurs, youth, and women SHGs. As a result of the various industrial units established within RIPA, the locals have experienced an increase in income. The Radhika Self-Help Group is engaged in the manufacturing of fly ash bricks at the unit established in RIPA Bariumrao and has sold bricks worth Rs 3.54 lakh.
Under the continuous efforts of Collector Mrs. Priyanka Rishi Mahobia and Project Director Mr. Kaushal Prasad Tedulkar, the RIPA centers in the district are now being managed more effectively. Manager of the District Mission NRLM Shri Durgashankar Soni stated that Mrs. Duvasa Puri, a group member, is operating the fly ash brick manufacturing machine. All the women in the group are working alongside the men to produce fly ash bricks. The group, comprising Tejkunwar, Rajkumari, Sunita, Gayatri, Kranti, and Monica, has manufactured over 1,30,000 bricks and sold 1,18,000 bricks worth Rs 3.54 lakh.