Women set an example of saving forests from fire

They are coming forward to participate alongside forest workers

Raipur (| Now we will extinguish forest fires…this is what women belonging to Jai Maa Sharda Women’s Self-help Group under the Beltara Circle, clad in green sarees as a symbol of greenery, are saying while protecting the forests from fires. These women understand the significance of forests and therefore have come forward to save forests. They are providing their free contribution while working alongside forest workers. 

It is noteworthy that protecting forests from fires is of crucial importance. According to the Forest Department, the fire season started on 15 February and it is the department’s priority to protect the forests from fires. In this regard, the Forest Department is also conducting an awareness campaign to save the forests from fire. Influenced by the awareness campaign, the women belonging to Jai Maa Sharda Women’s Group under Bilaspur came forward voluntarily and presented their proposal before the Forest Department to save forests from fire.