World Forestry Day: The Chief Minister appealed to save the forest for environmental protection

Raipur (| Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has greeted the people of the state on the occasion of International Forestry Day which falls on March 21. In his message released here today, Mr. Baghel said that forests are vital for our environment as they are significant contributors of oxygen and other significant resources. World Forestry Day is celebrated on March 21 across the world to convey the importance of forests to the people. The side effects of increasing population and changing lifestyle are visible to us in the form of shrinking forests and polluted environment. There is mutual dependence of thousands and millions of types of animals, insects and creatures on the forest. This arrangement is very necessary for the protection of the environment and to maintain the equilibrium of biological coexistence. Mr. Baghel further said that all the people of the state should come forward and do their responsible part towards environmental protection by planting so that the coming generations can live in a pollution free environment with thriving forests