Yoga practitioners learn the art of staying healthy with a balanced diet

The Chhattisgarh Yoga Commission organized a free residential yoga training camp

Raipur ( |The Chhattisgarh Yoga Commission is organizing divisional-level yoga camps to increase public awareness about the advantages of yoga. In a concerted effort to this, a 7-day divisional-level free residential yoga training camp is conducted at Fundahar Raipur. As part of the 7-day divisional level camp organized for the Durg division, experts briefed the trainees about staying healthy through physical activity and eating a balanced diet. There are 215 yoga practitioners participating in the camp that began on 23rd July. The Chairman of the Chhattisgarh Yoga Commission Mr. Gyanesh Sharma and Secretary Mr. M.L. Pandey were also present on the occasion.

with Mr. C.L. Sonwani and Mrs. Jyoti Sahu leading the session. During the session, Dr. Radhika Chandrakar gave detailed information on Pratyahara Dharnna. Dr. Manju Singh Thakur spoke about yoga in the prevention of metabolic and respiratory disorders. Dr. Vivek Bhartiya talked about the Yodic diet. Smt. Jyoti Sahu explained the special yoga asanas for pregnant women. Sri Lachhu Ram Nishad briefed about yoga’s history in India. Officers-employees and yoga trainers of the Yoga Commission were present on the occasion.